Gary and Cyndy Broadus manage Brazosport Security and Self-Defense Institute, LLC, Brazoria County Gun Range, LLC and Broadus Concealed Handgun License Training, LLC.

Officer Gary Broadus, Retired, has been a Texas D.P.S. Certified License to Carry Instructor since 1996.  He started Brazosport Security and Self-Defense Institute (BSSI) in 1985 as a self-defense school for martial arts.  Being focused on the education of self-defense, BSSI evolved into Texas Concealed Handgun License Training when Gary became a Texas D.P.S. Certified Concealed Handgun License Instructor.  Gary has been in law enforcement since 1973, starting with Bexar County Sheriff's Department Reserves and worked for various law enforcement agencies throughout Texas.  In 1979, he relocated to Bay City and worked for the Police Department there until 1982.  In 1983, Gary worked for City of Freeport Police Department in law enforcement.  He was offered employment with City of Lake Jackson Police Department in 1985, where he held various positions within the police department, such as crime prevention, community relations, D.A.R.E., background investigator, payroll, supervisor and emergency management.  He was called on by the local chemical companies and other organizations to conduct crime prevention and safety lectures.  Gary was honored by the 100 Club of Brazoria County by being presented the 1990 Brazoria County Officer of the Year Award.  He is the only one who has received this award for proactive education and training.  He retired from City of Lake Jackson in 2002.  He is a member of the NRA and is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.  Gary is a P. M. of Lake Jackson Lodge No. 1317, A. F. & A. M.  Gary and Cyndy married in September, 2004.

Ken Box is the Security and Range Safety Officer at Brazoria County Gun Range, LLC.  He is also certified to teach the NRA Basic Pistol Class and is a Texas D.P.S. Certified License To Carry Instructor.  Ken lives in Lake Jackson, TX